Apple Print Pumpkins

Today we were adventurous and with help from a friend we made apple Print pumpkins with 5 children under 6 years old. I am used to being creative with large numbers of children after my nursery nurse days but not when the ages are so different and in the home setting (what was I thinking). The gang had to dip and print the the apples which had some genius handles cut into them and then once dry the older children drew on some funky faces to turn them into pumpkins.

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  1. RedTedArt

    PS VERY brave of you to handle 5 kids under 6 AT HOME!! "Bad" enough when I have to do that at playgroup…

  2. RedTedArt

    Oh! Yes! Cutting little handles into the apple is a GREAT idea! Love it!

    Thanks (as always) for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!

    Maggy x

  3. Emma

    Wow! Thats fab!! I know halloween has passed by we're still going to go and have a go at that! :)

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