Creating an inviting book corner, Part 1

Now we are settled into the new house, I have started to rearrange the living room to allow the children more corners to hide and play. I love the fact that my children love to find little gaps to sit and play. A private quiet space where they are less likely to be interrupted.
Its now time to make these spaces feel inviting and that’s where the real fun begins! I’ve been searching Pinterest again for more ideas and decided to start with the book corner first.
I’m going to go with a garden/forest theme. The unit is a lovely low down white one and I already have a canopy which I will be adapting to fit in with the theme.
Source: via Adele on Pinterest

I love the way this idea has vines and animals hanging from canopy. This would be a lovely way to get the children involved and add some of their art work.

This fantastic idea would make a great way to help children find titles which they would like us to read at a glace.

I love how clean and clear this area looks. The white walls help pull your attention to the decorative arrangement and purpose of the area. I’m looking for a good quote to add to our space once the walls have been painted too. If you have any good suggestions please feel free to let me know below.

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