Valentines Crayons

With Valentines Day on the way I thought I would share an idea we had a few years ago for a gift for lady p’s friends. I found a set of heart shaped cupcake cakes in our local Tesco. Yes aren’t they lush and I stupidly on picked up one set, I’m sure these would make some lovely cupcakes but that’s not what I had planned!
When I got these home I was excited to show P and get started on our fun activity and have a little bit of mummy and daughter bonding. I sat P up on the kitchen side and we got peeling crayons ready for our funky valentine’s crayons.
A little tip the cheaper our crayons the longer it will take to peel them, however it’s quite a therapeutic job while you watch TV in the evening. We must have spent a good half an hour peeling them and by the end P had ran off to play while I finished them off (Oi I can hear you I’m not a push over!)
Once they were all peeled we broke them into pieces and shared them out between the heart shaped cases. Lovely and colourful! These then went in the oven at 180 degrees for 10 minutes until they had completely melted down.
P loved the oily look when they were taken out of the oven but she was also a little worried as the colours looked mixed.

These did take about 1 hour to cool down, be patient pop them out to early will mean you could break them or mark them with your fingers. Look at these beauties!! The colour turned out fine and well mixed.

Once these were popped out and definitely cooled down and hardened we put them in lollipop bags and tied them with curling ribbon. 
  1. gidders1

    These are fab, love the way you presented them too. Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary)

  2. gidders1

    These are fab, love the way you presented them too. Amanda (The Ana Mum Diary)

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