Children’s Artwork Bunting

Is your house like mine, filled with art work made by your children’s which you can not bring your self to throw away? I usually leave it to gather up and then my husband usually disposes of it. I’m always quick to grab my favourite piece and place them in their memory boxes. 
This week I decided to sort out the art they children had made over the the half term holidays last week and to use these as a keepsake. After thinking of a few ideas I decided to settle with artwork bunting to go around the dinning room where the walls were previously decorated with art work from my Childminding days. Now the walls are looking quite bare as the art work was taken down in preparation to paint them. So I thought so bunting would work well to decorate these empty space and is easily removed when needed. 
Children’s art work
PVA glue or glue gun
Ribbon or string
drawing pencil 

We placed 1 CM apart. which was perfect if you dont have glue in the house you could simply use paper clip which would make it nice and easy to change the pictures when they get a little old.

If you are looking for more ways to use your child’s art work as a keep sake there are some fantastic ideas on this weeks crafty hang out featuring nine other great ideas!!

Featured this week on the Hang out Maggy from Red Ted Art is sharing her beautiful home made baubles  I particularly love the ones where she has included photo’s. These would make great Christmas gifts! 
Next up after Playful Learners was Plus 2 Point 4 with her Art work embroidered pillow case. I know my children would love these! 
Kids Chaos shared their idea for making a cuddly toy. A lovely way for your children to cherish their creations. 
The Imagination Tree shared their beautiful Eric Carle style frame initial art. We did some thing similar in the past using Little man’s painting to make car pictures to decorate his walls. 
Zing Zing Tree used their children’s art to make these gorgeous keep sake jars to house all the lovely notes the girls write for them. 
Fairy and Frog upcycled their art into  greeting cards to send to friend and family. 
Me and My Shadow came up with a fantastic idea of melting plastic onto them to make their pictures last longer as lovely little key rings. 
The Crafty Kitty finished us off with a beautiful screen printing onto clothing. I would love to give this a try. The finished piece is amazing and would be some thing P would love to try. 
  1. Ali Clifford

    What a darling idea! I'm on it, we're bunting crazy in our house as it is! x


  2. Liz Burton

    In my book, you can never have too much bunting!

    Love this idea, might try to find time to make some for DD's birthday party. x

  3. My Little 3 and Me

    This is such a super idea.

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